knowledge a professional collective
for the common good


Through combination, Common Knowledge members are able to provide ambitious and comprehensive services to their clients. Common Knowledge gives its members peer support, networking opportunities and a focus for ethical provision. It does this through meetings, social gatherings, work collaboration and the provision of office space with reception, meeting rooms and hot desk facilities in inner London.

For example, members offering computer support can contract other members to cover holiday periods when they are away. Web designers have access to feature-rich web servers whose administrators collaborate fully with the group. Expertise gained from one job can be quickly disseminated to others.

Currently members work in 3 general areas:

  1. Common Knowledge Systems
    – which includes design, development and maintenance of computer, database and internet systems. Systems supported cover Windows, Linux and Apple.
  2. Common Knowledge Graphic
    – which includes illustration, cartoons, photography, image development, production, print and website design.
  3. Common Knowledge Management
    – which includes accountancy, management consultancy, project management, training and interview support

For more information contact us directly on 020 8981 5522.