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Waiter's arm holding Mardi Gras Party cake

Mardi Gras is back!

Yes, we know, we didn’t do a Mardi Gras party last year! (Emoji Sad Face). But we’re back (Emoji Happy Face) – from quite close extinction – to celebrate this ancient festival. Traditionally in the this country we eat pancakes! But in Brazil, the Caribbean, New Orleans, Venice and lots of other places they have […]

18 Victoria Park Square

Deskspace available at the common Knowledge office

We have a desk available at the office of common Knowledge, a network of people who support the not-for-profit sector. If you work in that sector or are an illustrator, campaigner, journalist or run a social enterprise – we could have just the set-up you’re looking for. We have an active, friendly and vibrant office […]

Common Knowledge's Mardi Gras Party 2017

Mardi Gras Party 2017.. trump that!

Before you shreve, get some last minute warmth from this annual assembly of friends and good people. We know you enjoyed dry January so much that you’re just dying to give up alcohol for Lent.. But we say no to austerity, no to Trump and no to things we don’t like. Because you never know […]

Mardi Gras 2016 is coming…

In Trinidad and Havana it’s 21 degrees, in Rio it’s 26 and in London it’s freeeeezing! Don’t worry, we have our imaginations and the Common Knowledge Mardi Gras party. On Tuesday February 9th from 6 – 11pm at 18 Victoria Park Square, E2 9PF in the Michael Young room is where you’ll find food, drink, music, good […]

So this is Christmas…

Left to right, Steve, Gulya, Georgia, John, Tim and Jude. This is really the front office plus Tim. We are getting there but Tim has caught a little gloom. It’s to be expected when you’re bombing other countries. As always, things are on the change here and also we are doubling the size of the […]

WordPress – the missing manual

Here’s a link to a rather splendid guide to WordPress. It’s aimed at site editors and administrators and is clearly written and suitable for beginners to people with an intermediate level of expertise. EWPG v3.1 PDF (English)

mardi gras

It’s that time again. To all our friends, please come to our Mardi Gras party. There will be lots of delicious food, drink, music and good company. We’d love to see you there. So it’s a Tuesday….it’s Fat Tuesday. Carnival! Imagine you’re not in England. Imagine you’re not you. Wear a mask if you want!

tardy mardi gras

OK, it’s late this year… and you’ve probably started your lenten fast! Well come along anyway and see how the rest of us live it up!! We’re in the usual spot.

can lost history be crowdsourced?

Well, we’ll see. Specifically in this case of the “trashing of material” from the Ruskin College archives: Why a database? We are very aware that the lives of many former Ruskin students have been recorded in prestigious biographical collections such as the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography or in the various volumes of the Dictionary […]

Tim Sanders for NCB: Great Expectations

Greater Expectations’ looks at how poverty and disadvantage still wreak havoc on children’s lives, causing them to lag far behind their more affluent peers in almost all areas of their lives, from health to education, early development to housing. It revisits the work of a groundbreaking study published in 1973 – ‘Born to Fail’. Read […]