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Whatever happened to Action Bob?

Back at the beginning of the nineties I picked up a free-sheet in San Fransisco which had a cartoon called ‘Action Bob – He’s a 90’s guy on the go’ by the Teaspoon Theatre. It was very like the stuff you used to get in Processed World if anyone remembers that wonderful magazine. Anyway, I […]

Office space available at Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge has desk-space for a freelancer or small- business person who has clients in the 3rd sector. We are expanding the space we have at our offices in Bethnal Green (pictured) which are owned by our landlord the Young Foundation. The building is 17th century and set in a leafy quiet street behind Museum […]

Jeudi Gras (Phatt Phursday)

To all our friends, chase those winter blues and join us for the last bust before Lent (oh, alright it’s already Lent.. we’re a little slow off the mark). Food and drink. Bring something if you like. We’re here.

Microsoft cheats web standards once again

A day of mixed news today with Molly Holzschlag joining the Opera team  which is of course great news — and Microsoft’s reversing direction once again on the standards compliance of IE8. About a year ago, Microsoft announced that they would ship IE8 in standards compliant mode by default – apparently a huge step forward […]

wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

There may be a few issues with the reliability of entries on Wikipedia, but even so its surely so much better that it continues to exist and be improved upon. Here’s a recent article from The Register – through public donations Wikipedia’s future is guaranteed for more than a year.

Just Ask: integrating accessibility throughout design

view the book online ↗ Focusing on User Centered Design (UCD) methodology with the angle of getting users of different abilities involved into the design process – this free online book is not another W3C document with code references and guidelines. The author Shawn Lawton Henry from W3C wrote this self-published book to highlight the […]